Members are the foundation of any club, especially ours. They cheer, inspire, organize, and volunteer to make agility not only possible but amazing. If you are interested in joining in the fun, please join us for a meeting or come by a trial because we would love to meet you!

Membership is straightforward, simply fill out an application (linked below) and we will read it at two meetings to introduce you to the club! If you are in need of someone to sponsor you, just let us know and we will gladly help. Then we have a formal vote after the two readings. Our dues are $15 per year for individual/$22.50 for couple/$7.50 for Junior handlers under 18. Dues renew at the start of every calendar year.

Members enjoy benefits such as discounted practice fees, free instructor listings on our website, first chance and discounted registration for BARC seminars and events, and the opportunity to take on leadership roles at trials and in the club.


2018 Officers and Board:

  • President: Cheryl Conrad
  • Vice-President: Camille Horton
  • Secretary: Ariel Agenbroad
  • Treasurer: Jacquie Wakagawa
  • Director: Jeanne Allen (’18)
  • Director: Jenny Burrows (’18)
  • Director: Kari Massoth (’19)

2019 Officers and Board:

  • President: Camille Horton
  • Vice-President: Jenny Burrows
  • Secretary: Cassy Crowell
  • Treasurer: Kari Massoth Jacquie Wakagawa
  • Director: Ariel Agenbroad (’20)
  • Director: Cheryl Conrad (’20)
  • Director: Katie Moore (’19)

What do BARC members want in their club? Check out the results from a member survey: Survey Responses