BARC Trials

BARC hosts at least five trials each year, three NADAC and two or more USDAA. Please see our agility basics page for information on the difference between the venues. Visitors are always welcome to come and watch the fun!

2018 Trial Dates:

  • April 6th-8th USDAA
  • April 27th-29th NADAC
  • NADAC Hosted Trial
  • July 13th-15th USDAA

    • Judges: Meredith Keraga and Dale Mahoney
  • August 25th-26th NADAC

    • Judge: Susan Perry
  • September 14th-16th USDAA
  • November 9th-11th NADAC
    • Judge: Jackie Loeser
  • December 1-2 USDAA Tournament Trial